Water Features

We have specialists who love what they do and have a passion for creating these features in any type of space. Let us help you create a paradise. Waterfalls can capture the imagination of everyone that witnesses their beauty.

They are not only captivating but also inspiring. We take pride in creating waterfalls that are naturalistic that mimic what is created by Mother Nature. Some of the ideas you can incorporate include;

Disappearing Waterfalls

Disappearing waterfalls are also known as pondless waterfalls since they do not have an exposed basin of water. The factors that entice people about this waterfall are safety, flexibility and space.

Water garden MGD©

Water Gardens

They have become a popular landscape architecture. They add aesthetic value to your backyard.


They come in many shapes and sizes.

We can build any fountain that our client can conceptualize.

They can be a focal point of a landscape.